Confessions of a collector

I have always collected. Little notes or poems from my children, tiny shells we have gathered on the beach together, old china my Mother has kindly handed down to me, intricate pieces of pretty ribbon, old Beatrix Potter figures, charming children’s books and delicate pieces of fabric that i love. The list goes on, but instead of being tucked away in boxes i like to have them on display. These lovely little memories are housed in a glass fronted cupboard so every time i go passed it is a small reminder of something in my past.

I have a Victorian Welsh dresser in my kitchen at home which is the main focal point of the room, it is where i collect all my favourite pieces of vintage china and objet. A lovely way to showcase what i love and change it with the seasons to create a new theme or display throughout the year.

Make your very own little collection of lovely things putting them in different colours or themes. Choose a pretty shelf, cupboard or corner of a room to house your display.

When styling for Iris & Mabel i love creating schemes, placing stock that goes well together picking out certain colours and textures, patterns and objects to give an eclectic look. I am constantly thinking of different ways to photograph items i have for sale, putting them into context with other pieces using mainly my home as a backdrop! I want my customers to be able to visualise what they will look like in situ, this is a common theme throughout my website which you will often see.

Vintage interior styling through my business has become a real passion of mine and together with my background in textiles and interior design i am more than happy to help you too.

Please contact me at if you would like some help putting schemes together for your own home. 


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