Antique recycling

When buying for Iris & Mabel I am naturally drawn to items i would want for myself, a good philosophy as it allows me to be passionate about what I am buying and selling and it’s always lovely to see my stock going to good homes to be loved and cherished by someone else.

Nowadays I feel it’s all too easy to purchase new items for our homes. Often relying on the large homeware stores offering cheap, flat pack furniture that lasts five minutes and has very little character, quality or history. Buying antiques and vintage doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s far more exciting to discover something special for a bit of a bargain.

We are all totally aware about the importance of recycling, to do our bit for the planet and make use of what we have, rather than buying new. This should include what we buy for our homes surely? I think we should almost revert back to the ‘Make do & Mend’ mindset implemented during and after the Second World War.

I am a big advocate of giving unwanted items to charity, but we could also repurpose items as well. For example to use an antique bowl or teacup as a planter. I often choose daffodils or grape hyacinth bulbs in the Spring or try replacing it with a candle in the centre and some holly and ivy for a Christmas centrepiece. It is such a pretty way to display and reuse something you may have thought about throwing away.

Spring arrangement

1 china bowl, urn or teacup

Bulbs of your choice


Soil and Gravel

Fill the bottom of your vessel with some gravel for drainage. Place the bulbs in with soil and cover with moss to hide the soil. Water now and then, easy peasy!

Replace the soil with some soaked oasis for the Christmas display so the candle/s stays in place. 

I also use old teacups to make them into candles which is also a brilliant way to repurpose and makes a lovely, thoughtful present for someone. All you need is some white candle wax pellets, wicks and your favourite scent. Melt the wax in a Bain Marie, add the scent and stir. Allow to cool slightly. Anchor the wick with some sticky tack. Pour the wax into the vessel. Top up once solidified. Use a few wicks if using a larger vessel. 

Just a few little ideas~quick, simple and easy to do.

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