Antique Hunting

The best part of running Iris & Mabel is sourcing stock from antique fairs. It’s not always glamorous, usually means a very early start travelling far and wide and 9 times out of 10 in the pouring rain, but i love it.

With my trusty trolley (which i have to say is a must), lots of layers & cash in hand these outdoor fairs are vast, consisting of fields and fields of traders. You can find almost everything from french furniture, architectural salvage, old textiles & curtains, vintage china, taxidermy & art.

 Iris & Mabel strives to offer beautiful Country House Interiors at affordable prices. Being able to spend time searching and obtaining the best price for everything i source means i can pass this onto the customer making it affordable and accessible for everyone.

I always look where i can add value. Repainting or reupholstering old furniture, making cushions out of vintage fabric or adding a trim to an old screen or curtains. Seeing the potential in old unloved items and giving them a new lease of life is rewarding, but also a great way of recycling and giving them longevity, way after their sell by date!

I want my customers to enjoy and really use what they buy from us rather than hiding antiques away in cupboards and only seeing them on special occasions. 

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